Fidelity Money Orders

We sell Fidelity Express Money Orders (up to $1000) for 50¢ each.


If you purchase a money order from us, we recommend the following to make the redemption process easier:

  • Purchase the Money Order under your account (You may have to set it up first) and we can cash it for free even if you have filled it out. If you purchase the Money Order as a walk-in customer, and you wish to get a refund for it, you must contact Fidelity Express. Follow the link to get the necessary forms to file your refund request. (Money Order Forms)
  • Do not fill out the Money Order until you know that it will be used for the intended purpose.
  • If you are planning to make the Money Order payable to yourself, wait until you come into the store to fill it out in front of the teller.
  • A Money Order cannot be voided once you leave the counter. Verify it is correct before doing so.


New Customers

When you purchase a money order from us, the teller will recommend that you purchase the money order under your name. This will help you in a case where you may need to get a redemption for a money order. You can print and fill out the signature card by clicking here, or simply pick up and fill one out when you stop by one of our 3 locations.


For more detailed info. please scroll down to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or call us @ 877-958-CASH, or for real convenience simply use our Live Chat feature!


Q: Can I use a money order to pay any bill?

A: In most cases yes, but we recommend asking the biller if they will accept a money order as payment.


Money order refund request form click HERE

Money order photocopy request form click HERE