Hurricanes, Fires, Missile testing, oh my! These are turbulent times, my friend. Protection and security seem to be in dire need these days. With that in mind, we will be doing a multi part TOTM on Identity Theft.

Identity Theft: Part I: Am I Safe?
Everyone has heard of identity theft and most people think “It won’t happen to me”. They’re right, until it does. You will usually not even know its happening until its too late. Here are some examples that should raise the Red Flag:
– Charges on your credit card that you did not make
– Your credit score going up (or down)
– Your credit report has unaccountable activity
– Getting bills for items or services unknown to you
– Unusual activity on your bank account
– IRS reports that you earned more than you actually did (this is a big one)
These are a few of the tell tale signs that your identity could be compromised.
Don’t just pay your credit card bill, look it over and make sure you are aware of all the charges made. Same with your bank statement. If you apply for a loan and get turned down, ask for a copy of the report and look it over for unusual activity.
So, just how can someone get your identity? Stay tuned for Part II coming next month.

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