Resolutions, life changes, and new beginnings are here for the 2018 New Year! A new year can bring positive changes and a chance for rearranging! When beginning your New Year’s resolutions this year keep in mind the importance of creating new money-saving habits.

Budgeting: Part I: What is a Budget

Do you ever run out of money to spend on things that you would like to do? Budgeting is a way to prioritize how you spend your money by creating a spending plan called a budget. Here are some helpful points to remember when you begin to think about budgeting.

  • Budgeting means properly balancing your expenses and income.
  • Budgeting is a tracking tool that allows you to take control of your money by matching your spending with priorities.
  • Budgeting is monitoring what your spending money on and where your money is going.
  • Budgeting is key to getting yourself out of debt and becoming debt-free. You can keep yourself out of debt if you spend less money than you earn.
  • Budgeting your money increases your growth for your financial future.
  • Budgeting is a way to achieve your goals and dreams, so you can finally go on that vacation and lessen your chances of living pay check to pay check.

Helpful Budget Apps: 1. BillGuard 2. Dollarbird


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The New Year 2018 is here! Wishing you a year of prosperity, happiness, and growth!

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