Budgeting: Part I: What is a Budget

Resolutions, life changes, and new beginnings are here for the 2018 New Year! A new year can bring positive changes and a chance for rearranging! When beginning your New Year’s resolutions this year keep in mind the importance of creating new money-saving habits. Budgeting: Part…

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Identity Theft Part I: Am I Safe?

Hurricanes, Fires, Missile testing, oh my! These are turbulent times, my friend. Protection and security seem to be in dire need these days. With that in mind, we will be doing a multi part TOTM on Identity Theft. Identity Theft: Part I: Am I Safe?…

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Identity Theft Part II: The Dark Web

Cold nights, rainy days, raking leaves, Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It’s already November!! Can you believe it? Christmas presents and the holidays are coming, is your budget ready? Identity Theft: Part II: The Dark Web Did you know over 10 million people in the United…

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